Monday, October 17, 2011

Everything is ready to go!

Lots to update!  Since I have finally been back home the past two months, two main things have gone down.
1)  The studio is finished!
2)  I've got new projects finished and under way!

For the studio, I went with adjustable shelves to fit my canvases and supplies, and just an mdf desk because I make a mess :)
The wall color is Behr's "Buzz Blaster Blue"  It is a Disney color- I picked it to match the colors in the rest of the garage where my girlfriend grows african violets.

 I went cheep with the curtains and used pieces of black felt I bought at Michael's. These are great for blocking out the light.
My rock chick corner, including a cross made by Cherrie Currie that I got for my birthday.

 Now that it's all set up,  I am ready to paint!  I did finish a couple of pieces when I first got home though.  Also, I've come up with a fun project to keep me busy on slow days.  On the last Friday of every month I will be drawing a name of people that enter throughout the month to win a free painting.  The only rule is that no one person can win more that once every twelve months.  Enter to win!

I already have quite a few pieces  that I have yet to even start, so the first drawing won't be held until November 25.  Prices have dropped on all of my paintings, so if you definitely would like something by Christmas, there is the regular order form also on my website.
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