Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am proving to be very inconsistent with my blogging.  In the last couple of months I haven't finished any new artwork, but have managed to make some good headway in my book project.  I have also been home on R&R and finally got to see my finished studio!  While I still have to make an actual studio out of it when I get home for good, I did make it a little cozy for the two weeks I was home.

backgrounds ready to go

working with what I got. 

working on a new home portrait using grid method

I love how the wall color came out, and plan on doing my desk and shelving with that same rosewood stain as the windows.
Also while back in the states, I came across this amazing artist in an unlikely place.  While visiting Olympia Candy Kitchen in Chambersburg, PA, I fell in love with the prints throughout the store by Ray Hendershot.  All I had was my phone to take pics, but I took one of every print in the store.
I actually liked how the lights on the Christmas tree reflected off the glass

so much to chose from!

Definitely making it a point to go back to make a purchase.  Actually, I already ordered a copy of his out of print book on Ebay.  I was, however, disappointed to find that the building I had been using to base my model of Dust Jacket Studios off of has been sold and will be turned into a parking garage.  It made me slightly ill.  Seeing it in person there were parts that would have been amazing as far as turning it into a gallery, but there was some structural damage that explained the low sale price.   Nevertheless, I always hate to see history torn down to "make way for progress."  Yuck.

Instead of a recipe, I suggest some chocolate therapy via the Candy Kitchen online store.  Mmm... their turtles are my favorite!