Thursday, February 18, 2016

Out With the Old

Impromptu overhaul of the studio has put a pause on any actual work getting done in there for the moment.

Yeah, it was mostly for the cats. Haha.

 Plenty of painting at school, however. No matter how fundamental,  every art class can teach any artist. This semester I am taking another, more comprehensive,  color class where I am using gouache for the first time.
Now, I have this aversion to flat, chalky paint, so you can imagine my initial feelings towards it. Full time job, cat rescue, and full class schedule make it difficult to do any extracurricular experiments,  but I will try to carve out some time over the next week as I work on my class project (monochromatic portrait of Johnny Cash) to test out some ideas.
So far all I have done with, it is a couple of value scales. I will be posting detailed tutorials here soon of each of my projects. I have also started up a page on Patreon that I will often link back to my blog on as well. I am currently backtracking a bit to start my entries chronologically from the first project.  I wouldn't call these tutorials so much as just a documentation of my learning experience. These will serve as a reflection on my process and the project as a whole, and I am offering these reflections to anyone else looking to try their hand at any of these sorts of projects that I will be working on throughout my academic career and beyond.
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