Friday, April 25, 2014

Portraits of Another Style

Okay, so I'm still not totally comfortable looking through the lens, and found this to be especially so in taking portraits.  I LOVE portraits.  That is, to draw and paint them.  Taking photo portraits was a little difficult for me.  I tried to think of how I like a composition set up for a drawing, and that didn't really work.  I like snapshots, and I like closeups; unfortunately, they are hard to get at the same time.
These first photos were taken at Oasis Union Ministry where my Art Therapy class was doing a mandala mural project.

I then took some playful shots of Rudd at work.  I love how this first one came out.

Vito in his truck.  I liked the grittier look, so when I edited I tried to enhance that feel.

Finally, training and resting at the Home Depot.

Good practice for when I one day I have time to do more drawing.  I would definitely like to do more original compositions.  
Next project: Series!  I am excited for this one.  Potentially heading back to the Gardens!

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